[Legal Copyright] Song Copyright Disclaimer

In order to thank the sales channels, consumers, and users on the market for their support and love, and to avoid any doubts due to rumors of market copyright disputes, the Company solemnly declares again:

“The multimedia computer karaoke system produced and sold by our Company is shipped with the standard song/music works, computer-synthesized recording works, and video audiovisual works. All of them have been legally authorized to be reproduced by the author or the copyright holder. Please feel safe to purchase and utilize them. Use in public places or for other business purposes should first obtain authorization from a copyright collective management organization or a copyright owner in accordance with the law.

If any third party has doubts about the song rights that are randomly assigned when it leaves theCompany factory, it is a matter of rights between the Company and the third party, and it has nothing to do with an individual sales channel, consumer, or user. If there is a dispute over the rights, theCompany is willing to bear all civil and criminal legal responsibilities. “

Hereby Declared

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