Year Chronicle
May 1997 Golden Voice Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
September 1997 the first MIDI Karaoke Machine CPX-900E was launched.
October 1999 the first karaoke machine using the MASK ROM library was introduced: the CPX-900A host, with the CPX-900S library.
December 1999 agent sales of the MH-2000 Meihua machine (only connects to our Company’s machine).
July 2000 agency sales of the CH-2000 Chihan machine (only connects to our Company’s machine).
October 2000 launched the first CPX-900B mainframe using a DVD disc background karaoke machine.
September 2001 launched the first dedicated vehicle karaoke machine: OK-1600S mainframe.
August 2002 launched its first original soundtrack (MV) song karaoke machine: CPX-900C mainframe, paired with the industry’s unique memory card song storage song library (CFB-500), greatly improving the song storage space and convenience when adding songs.
October 2003 the corporate headquarters building was completed: No. 79 Dongyuan Road, Zhongli City, Taoyuan County.
March 2004 formally entered the channels of TV shopping, 3C stores, and mass merchandisers.
August 2005 in response to the trend of internationalization and promotion of the Company’s brand image, the newly registered trademark was officially launched.
November 2005 launched single-chip models: CPX-900Pro and CPX-900M mainframes, which greatly improved the machine’s functions and usage efficiency. It also pioneered the on-screen search and search filter for songs, reducing the use of songbooks and improving on-demand efficiency.
June 2007 launched the Company’s first recordable model: CPX-900SD mainframe.
August 2008 in response to the popularity of high-definition LCD TVs, the first high-definition and high-performance model: CPX-900HD (Chameleon) mainframe was introduced, which officially brought the record player into the era of high-end audio and video enjoyment, and pioneered the smart song function (Zhuyin consonant song selection), making the song selection easier and simpler.
January 2010 the era of touch control is coming. With the popularization of handheld touch devices, the touch screen song selection device GV-1900 is launched, and it is equipped with a model CPX-900VX (Golden Dragon) mainframe. In addition to improving on-demand performance, there is also dual-screen synchronization display function, independent operation does not disturb others singing.
September 2010 launched the CPX-900GO mobile karaoke machine, the use of the karaoke machine is no longer limited to fixed locations.
April 2011 in response to the era of high-speed PCs, a new high-speed model CPX-900PX was launched, and in response to the trend of disc drives being phased out, USB use efficiency was greatly improved. More formats of playable video and even high-definition video can be played smoothly.
May 2012 game functions began to be incorporated into the karaoke machine, such as the national pop star, rhythm game, the national song trivia king…and other games.
May 2012 introduced the integrated digital video and audio model MT-1500. The mainframe is mainly a class D amplifier with high performance and low power consumption, with a plug-in module.It integrates a karaoke machine, amplifier, sound adjustment effector, and audio/video players, with enhanced performance and improved sound effects, bring sound enjoyment to a higher level.
July 2012 in response to the popularization of handheld devices, the Company launched an exclusive song App, Smart Touch V1 (Android version), which only needs to be paired with an AP without connecting to the Internet to use the handheld device for song selection.
December 2012 Smart Touch V1, the exclusive song App, was released on iOS.
January 2013 adhering to the concept of a customer’s lifelong service and environmental awareness, the Company launched the WFR-01 wireless song transmission device, with the new Smart Touch V2 (both IOS and Android systems), enabling the Company to realize the song application of handheld devices for 85% of new and old models, and establish the five core developments of “customer, environmental protection, technology, humanity, and joy”, bringing the Company’s future products into the era of App applications. 2013 is the first year of our App.
April 2014 established connection with the digital age, and extended the unlimited development of App applications, and maintained the five core values of “customer, environmental protection, technology, humanity, and joy”, and the use of the new slogan/…to make the deepest communication with our consumers.
April 2015 following the new trend of App audio and video applications, the latest instant audio, and video singing in real time to enjoy entertainment without lag, the Company launched the multi-functional App software Smart E-control (Android version).Let’s experience a whole new karaoke mode!
July 2015 multi-functional App software Smart E-control (iOS version is launched).
January 2016 multi-functional App software Smart E-Link was launched.
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