This special account adheres to the tenets of “our old and young, their old and young” and “helping others as the foundation of happiness”. It helps the lonely and those in need in a timely manner, to fill the world with warmth and love, not for profit.

2)Kindness Project:

1.Emergency assistance.
2.Sponsorship for those who are poor, sick, and without income.
3.Other meaningful charitable activities.

3)Donation Target

1.Fixed Donation.
2.Special Donations.
(The amount of sponsorship is subject to the actual amount approved by the Company.)

4)If you find that there are organizations or personnel in need around you, you can apply to the management department of Golden Voice or apply for the application form yourself.

TEL: 03-451-3355 ext. 310
FAX: 03-316-6977
E-mail: laufan@goldenvoice.com.tw
Organizer: Laufan

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