Date of Establishment:May 1st, 1997
Total Paid-in Capital:NTD 57.75 million
Address:22F., No.1082, No.1086, Zhongzheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan
Company Phone:886-3-451-3355
Company Fax:886-3-316-6977
Company Website:
Main Products:Multimedia computer karaoke machine, professional amplifier, audio equipment, microphone, VOD platform system.

  Golden Voice Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. It mainly focuseson the Taiwan market with its own researched and developed multimedia computer karaoke machine. Due to its insistence on excellent product quality, the promotion of the concepts of legal copyright and perfect after-sales service have made the computer karaoke machine produced by the Company gainthe recognition and support of consumers, and it is gradually moving towards the international market.

Via Very Vivid Voice (through a very vivid voice) is the main company spirit passed on by the four Vs. Through singing, everyone’s true mood and joy are expressed. Therefore, the Company adheres to the sustainable mentality of bringing mass entertainment, focusing on the development of more convenient and more humanized computer karaoke machine products, immediately reflecting your mood, bringing out a more varied and richer entertainment life, and spare no effort in extending entertainment to home entertainment. Therefore, we guarantee to you that the Company has brought entertainment to you since its inception.

The Company started from the perspective of consumer-friendly use, and invests unrelentingly in product development and breakthroughs. At the end of 2005, we pioneered and launchedakaraoke machine with BBE original sound reproduction function, providing first-class products with high quality at a reasonable price. In 2012, we pioneered the first innovative game function, “National Pop Star” and “Rhythm Game”, allowing you to sing and play games, satisfying more consumers who love singing, as the individual, family, and life enter the digital era and a wide range of App applications, the Company has further evolved its entertainment and convenience functions. In response to the rise of smart phones and tablets, Smart Control (App song software) was launched.As long as the software is installed on a handheld device, you can synchronize and select songs by wireless transmission, reducing the consumptionof paper and providing the fun of instant songselection. In addition, the Company also introduced a preferential program for replacing old machines with new ones, not only hoping that our consumers can get the newest high-tech products, but also hoping to implement the concept of recycling and environmental protection, and make a contribution to the planet we live on together.

When people sing out loud and enjoy the digital computer karaoke machine, we also retain the efforts and spirit of each lyricist, composer, and singer, and treat all song copyrights with absolute respect. In the same way, the customer (You), technology (Lab), humanity (Individual), joy (Fun), and environmental protection (Eco), have been the Company’s five core values in development. Therefore, the Company advocates for the deepest life interaction for each consumer. Heavily based in Taiwan; looking towards the international market, the Company promises to provide more consumers with more entertainment and more visual and audio enjoyment in the future, and actively move towards international brands and the world stage! Enjoy. Unlimited.Applause.

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