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  • How to make a FAT32 format hard disk?

    1. Please download the free tool software at http://spfdisk.sourceforge.net/ and click Traditional CN to download the latest software.
    2. In addition, you can refer to the teaching materials at http://justlike.gaodong.com/sp/spfd.

  • What is the maximum capacity of the hard disks produced by the Company for the CPX-900C, CPX-900X, and CPX-900P?

    Depending on the needs of each individual agent (optional purchase).

  • I followed the standard startup procedure, but cannot enter the song selection screen.

    Please check the song box on the back of the machine first, pull out the song box, and insert it again tightly. If the problem persists, please send the machine to Golden Voice Provincial Service Center. We will go through a complete inspection and maintenance for you.

  • There is an error in the song playback, the selected song cannot be displayed normally.

    Please enter [000] in the song directory, then press the [Enter] key. After the [Please enter the serial number] message appears on the screen, please refer to the password on the certificate or password card, enter the nine-digit password, and then press the [Enter] button; after the system reorganizes the data, it will jump back to the song directory, and then follow the standard song selection procedure.

  • A few seconds after entering the song number, the screen will automatically jump back to the song directory.

    Please enter [001] in the song directory, then press the [Enter] key. After the [Please enter the serial number] message appears on the screen, please refer to the password on the certificate or password card, enter a nine-digit password, and then press the [Enter] button; after the system reorganizes the data, it will jump back to the song directory, then follow the standard song selection procedure.

  • I’m unable to activate the music volume control for the microphone on the remote control.

    Please check the sound effect control settings in the mainframe system, please enter the system settings in the song directory, and set the sound effect control to [On].

  • Each time the system is booted up, the system requests to re-enter the password.

    The mainframe relies on AC power to maintain memory, it is recommended to keep the power connected after use, do not unplug the socket to avoid power loss memory disappearance.

  • VCD/DVD cannot be played smoothly.

    1. Please confirm the format of the disc being played, or check the disc for scratches, which may cause an error in reading for the pickup head. Please replace with a VCD/DVD without scratches and in the correct format and try again.
    2. Please check the pickup head of the VCD/DVD. It is recommended that you can purchase a CD cleaning disc from a stereo store or record shop for cleaning.

  • Why does my machine's power light blink and won't turn on?

    Please send the machine to the provincial Service Center and we will go through a complete inspection and maintenance for you.

  • After changing to a new song card/CF card, song selection cannot be controlled through the mainframe.

    Please check whether or not the replacement song card version is compatible with the model you purchased, or check with the original seller for the appropriate version.

  • Why does the enter password pop up appear again?

    Please check whether or not the song library serial number displayed on the TV is the same as the serial number on your guarantee (card). If the serial number is not the same, it is an occurrence of a song library malfunction. If it is the same, please determine whether it is connected to the coin slot. Operation under the connection of the coin slot will result in failure to restart the machine (you can only enter 5 digits when connected to a coin slot, data reorganization requires 9 digits). The password is a problem with the power supply for the motherboard password memory. This is not normal and it should be sent for repairs immediately.

  • Why is there no four 9 function? Isn't there a 200 most frequently sung songs in a playback loop?

    It may have been set to the coin-operation mode or the motherboard is faulty, that or the data is disordered. Please do data reorganization. If you cannot troubleshoot the problem, please send it to a Service Center.

  • Why can't I watch a DVD?

    You need to determine if your model supports DVD playback. If so, it may be that the DVD ROM or the video decompressor board is faulty, also please confirm whether or not the disc is normal.

  • How to install the keyboard?

    There are two types of keyboards: wired and wireless. If your model is 900A, you can only use the wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard can be used without any installation. If you install a wired keyboard for a newer model, please connect it to the KEYBOARD position near the COM2 at the back of the machine.

  • Why does the mainframe become very hot after one or two hours of singing?

    It is normal if the part heating up is the disk drive due to its high-speed rotation. Please pay attention to ventilation issues. If the part heating up is the power supply part special attention is required. If abnormal operation occurs, please send it to the Service Center for testing.

  • Why does the expiration date appear?

    This is an early protection program for the machine. It will appear after using a certain number of songs or after a certain amount of time. The purpose is to protect the machine for regular maintenance and testing. It will be reset after inspection by the maintenance station, or it can be permanently removed, but it will definitely affect the machine in the future. For machines without regular inspection, if the machine is older, it may be beyond repair if there is a problem.

  • 900 series machines, version 5.3G, can they be upgraded again?

    There are many models for the 900 series. You need to determine your model before you can be informed of which version can it updated to. For example, the latest version for 900A is 5.3G and it cannot be upgraded again. For models above 900D, 5.48X is the latest version.

  • Booting up directly sends me to disk reading, and does not enter the song selection screen.

    It may be that the song library is not connected or the song library is faulty, other than that the motherboard might be faulty.

  • If the 900Pro requires the use of a 250G+ hard disk, what kind of upgrade is needed?

    The 900P machine itself can accept individual 2000G hard disks without upgrades, and can accept two hard disks for a total of 4000G. 250G hard disks can only be used after being formatted with FAT32. Please note that the format of our Company's karaoke machine hard disk can only be formatted into one sector and not multiple sectors, otherwise, the machine will not be able to read the disk. Please change the full capacity hard disk jumper to the upper MASTER, please set the newly installed hard disk jumper to the SLAVE below.

  • What's wrong with the machine having music but no sound?

    First of all, when you say that there is music but no sound, are you referring to the vocal guide or the OST song? Or the DVD or VCD having background music without vocal sound during playback? No one can answer your question until it is confirmed.

  • How can I use EZ-LOOK?

    Please connect the EZ-LOOK composite video output jack to the video input terminal of our Company’s machine and then turn on the power.

  • Why do the passwords I enter not work? I just installed some songs.

    The mainframe requiring a password has nothing to do with adding or not adding songs. The password is the mainframe that needs to be repaired when the memory electricity of the motherboard is exhausted. If the password cannot be entered, please first check whether the serial number for the song library displayed on the TV is the same as your warranty (card) serial number. If it is a different serial number skipping it is a sign of song library malfunction. It may be that the song library is faulty or the motherboard is faulty, or that you are unable to enter it because you are connected to the coin slot.

  • My hard disk is full. I have inserted another one, so why does it still say that my hard disk full?

    The hard disk can only be used after being formatted with FAT32. Please note that the hard disk of our Company's karaoke machine can only be divided into one sector and does not support multiple sectors, or it will be unreadable by the machine. Please connect the full hard disk jumper to the above MASTER and the newly installed hard disk to the bottom SLAVE.

  • Are wireless microphones graded?

    We do not produce wireless microphones, but we will still answer your questions to the knowledge of the repair centers. Wireless microphones are divided into grades. You get what you pay for. In theory, higher-grade wireless microphones should have less vocal blast, less interference, less distortion during transmission, and are relatively more expensive.

  • Does your Company's machine need to record one by one with the self-recording function?

    If you want to record your own background, you can use full-disc recording, but the DVD format cannot use the full-disc recording function, and you need to use the single recording function to record in segments. If you want to self-record songs, we recommend using single recording.

  • What do I do if the DVD cannot be ejected?

    This condition may be that the DVD ROM is stuck or malfunctioning and needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Why is there no audio on my machine?

    Please connect our Company’s karaoke machine’s yellow (V), white (L), and red (R) audio and video cables directly to the composite video jack of the TV. The purpose is to test whether or not the sound of the karaoke machine is being output. If there is sound then the amplifier is faulty. The Company does not produce amplifiers. Please ask the dealer where you purchased the machine from to repair the machine. If there is no sound then the karaoke machine is faulty please send it to a Service Center for repairs.

  • What should I do if my screen flickers?

    For the old model 900A, it may be necessary to install an image stabilizer due to the aging of the video card. For the newer models such as the 900D2, the motherboard may be faulty. You can also change the TV to see if it is a problem with the karaoke machine.

  • My machine is connected to a coin slot, how do I access the song selection screen? I can enter a 9-digit password because nine stars come out, but pressing the enter key (start) does nothing.

    When the coin slot is connected, it will lead to the occurrence that the system cannot be restarted. You need to remove the coin slot cable first, then turn the machine off and enter the 9-digit password with the RX-600 remote control, then connect the coin slot cable after entering the song selection screen. However, if the data reorganization screen appears, this should not occur and it is recommended that you send the machine in for checkup and repairs.

  • I bought a machine and it is all in English, what should I do?

    This occurrence may be caused by the dealer accidentally setting the wrong language mode when testing the machine before shipment. Please refer to the instruction manual to set it to the Chinese language mode. If you cannot operate it yourself, please ask the dealer or Service Center to handle it.

  • Can't play the background?

    First you need to determine the model of your karaoke machine. No background for the old model 900A may be 1. No disk, 2. Misplaced DVD, 900A does not have the program to decompress DVD images, or 3. VCD drive failure.

    For the new model 900C/X or 900P, it may be 1. DVD ROM failure, 2. Video decompression board failure, or 3. No background when no disk is placed, the hard disk will automatically play the built-in background. If it is none of the above, then it is a hard disk failure. If you cannot troubleshoot the problem, please send it to a Service Center.

  • Can I use the camera to input my own self-recorded background?

    If you can use the externally input image from the camera to replace the MIDI background, the background image will be the picture you took at the time, or for the 900P, you can create a DVD or VCD with the images you took and record it onto your hard disk as a background option.

  • The OSTs have backgrounds. Why don't the MIDI songs have backgrounds?

    If the machine is 900X or 900K, the OSTs of the two machines are played with the data on the hard disk, and MIDI is played with the data on the DVD ROM. If a hard disk is installed but a DVD or VCD is not inserted, it will cause the OST OK MIDI songs to have the Company’s logo, or the DVD standby screen to have no background footage. This may also be caused if a hard disk is connected but the CD drive is not.

  • How does the 900K self-record songs? I have the VCD format but it cannot be installed?

    900K uses our Company's GV-73 remote control. Press the lower right corner recording button in DVD mode, input the song number, pitch, and song name in sequence to complete the recording of this song. If it still doesn’t self-record, there are several possible issues. 1. The dealer added songs by copying and pasting, which caused the Company's self-recording program to disappear and made it unable to self-record; 2. The VCD format is not compatible with the data; 3. DVD ROM malfunction reading failure; 4. Image decompression board failure or the program is too old; 5. This is an original encrypted anti-copy VCD which may cause it to not self-record. If you cannot troubleshoot the problem, please send it to a Service Center.

  • Can't select the OST songs?

    There may be several reasons: 1. The hard disk is faulty; 2. The format of the stored song data is not compatible; 3. The image decompressor board is faulty; 4. The hard disk is not installed. If you cannot troubleshoot the problem, please send it to a Service Center.

  • 900P subtitles are red when females sing, blue when males sing, and green when mixed. Why does the color of the font change after external input?

    There is an error in the VR setting position of the factory image setting, which needs to be returned to the Service Center for processing. After adjustment, it will return to normal.

  • What should I do if the new remote control is defective?

    The remote control is a consumable, but the Company still provides warranty service for new product failure exchange. However, the production label inside the battery cover is used to determine whether or not it is new (within 3 months). If there is no label or the label is damaged, it is deemed to be no longer under warranty.

  • I selected a song and pressed Start. The song doesn’t play, it just forces me back to the song selection screen.

    If the song you selected was a newly added song, you may need to perform data reorganization, or ask the song distributor to check whether or not the storage device of the added song is faulty. You can take it out and plug it back in then reorganize it. If the song you selected is an original factory song, the song library or motherboard may be faulty. If the distributor cannot troubleshoot the problem, please send it to the Service Center.

  • Yesterday I was able to sing without problems, but I can’t today. I can’t even enter my password.

    This occurrence may result from a faulty song library or motherboard. Please send the machine to the Service Center and it will be repaired as soon as possible.

  • Forced back to the song-selection screen 10 seconds after selecting a song?

    It may be set to the coin-operating mode or the motherboard might be faulty, the data may also be disordered and needs to be reorganized. If the problem cannot be troubleshot, please send it to the Service Center.

  • How much does it cost to buy a 256 CF card from the Company?

    If you need to replace the CF card or purchase a CF card, you can purchase one at any Service Center. If you are replacing the CF card, you must trade in the original CF card. The price of a CF card is $600 for 128MB; $900 for 256MB.

  • Why can't I use Zhuyin to input my favorites?

    This situation may be caused by the loss of the Zhuyin files in the Company's CF card. Most of the time this is caused by the dealers or agents adding songs to the original factory hard disk and the CF card in a copy/paste manner to increase competition, resulting in the Zhuyin files being overwritten and lost, making you unable to use Zhuyin files to input Chinese.

  • Will it interfere with other home appliance remotes?

    Please send the karaoke machine and karaoke remote to the Service Center, and change the frequency of the remote to use normally. Machines under warranty can change frequencies for free, the fee if not under warranty is $800.

  • Initially installed songs can be selected, but songs installed later can’t be selected?

    If the song you selected is a new song, you may need to perform data reorganization, or ask the song distributor to check whether or not the storage device of the added song is faulty. You can take out the device and plug it in again, then perform data reorganization (must be done after the shutdown). If the song you selected is a factory one, the song library or motherboard may be faulty. If the distributor cannot resolve the issue, please send it to the Service Center.

  • Can I add an external hard disk to the 900G?

    The 900G itself does not require an external hard disk, and there is no upper limit on the size of the hard disk that can be used. At present, the maximum size accompanying 500G and 600G with a hard disk should be sufficient. If you must install another hard disk, you can remove the DVD ROM, and then you can add another removable hard disk, but you must forego the DVD function.

  • The DVD remote control has a beeping sound, but it doesn't do anything?

    Make sure that the DVD remote control you are using is applicable for your machine. The Company's song remote control is divided into RX-600, 800, and 602 belonging to the same frequency, but there are many models of VCD DVD remote control that are not universal. If it worked before but no longer does, please send the mainframe along with the remote control to the Service Center for testing.

  • Why does the decompression fail during the insertion?

    Decompression failure is caused by too many data formats in the storage device. With the old and new formats mixed, the machine cannot decompress. This problem can be solved by updating the computer program.

  • The first self-recorded song is normal, but the Zhuyin does not appear with the second self-recording?

    This is because the new song file in the hard disk is too big, and the Zhuyin file cannot be executed. You can solve this problem by updating the computer program.

  • I can't boot up the machine when I press the power button.

    Please check whether or not there is a standby red light. If not, please check the power cord and the socket. If there is a standby red light, the power supply or the power switch may be faulty. Please take it to a service center.

  • The storage device can only hold five songs.

    It may be that the storage device has been filled up to its song capacity, or because our Company has a write-protection program. If you do not have a Company application, the content cannot be viewed, and at the same time the data will disappear or the device will be damaged. Please find our Company's agent or dealer authorized by the agent to add additional songs to ensure the quality and copyright protection.

  • The first hard disk song can be selected normally, the second hard disk song will appear unable to modify KEY and unable to tune male and female KEY.

    There are several reasons that may cause this occurrence: 1. The song on the second hard disk is not imported by the original factory, and the song data cannot be changed; 2. The machine program needs to be updated; 3. The motherboard is faulty, and can be sent to a service center for testing .

  • Can the CPX-900T be connected to an external hard drive? How big can it be?

    This machine cannot and does not need to be connected to external hard disks. A single hard disk can have up to 2000G.

  • If my machine is from four or five years ago, now that there are machines with vocal guides, can my machine be upgraded with a vocal guide?

    The models from four or five years ago and the currently commercially available original soundtrack/video’s model, build, and functions are very different. The cost of replacing the motherboard, decompression board, power supply, etc. is too high, it is more worth it to buy a new machine. The Company has never carried out such a modification.

  • For CPX-900Pro and Top, why doesn't the DVD work when singing? Why can't I play the background?

    The background of 900P and 900T uses the built-in data on the hard disk as the MIDI background. In order to reduce the workload and increase the life span of the optical disc drive, it will not work when playing MIDI songs. It is mainly used for DVD or VCD or self-recorded background. The self-recording background function requires 900P 3.0 program or above to have this function. If you want to directly play the DVD as the background, you must use external means.

  • For songs starting with 266, the song number selection cannot be used, only screen selection can be used.

    It is necessary to determine whether the song starting with 266 is a song attached to the original factory settings of the Company. You can reorganize the data before confirming whether or not it can be used. If you can't determine or it's a new model that does not requires verification, please send it to a service center for testing.

  • Can I self-record audio? Can I self-record outside of AV IN?

    The self-recording function of our Company is to record the VCD or DVD with the sing along function or landscape film as the background and record it on to the hard disk of the machine, instead of the self-recorded audio or video.

  • Why can't some songs keep up with subtitles?

    There are several situations that can cause this occurrence. 1. When this song is too fast (man-made acceleration or super-fast tempo of this song), subtitles may not keep up. It is a normal occurrence; 2. MIDI song data is wrong or faulty; 3. The song storage device is faulty; 4. The mainframe is faulty; Song installation is unsuccessful or incomplete.

  • How can I delete songs in the 900P? (Applicable models are 900X, K, G, J, TK)

    Please take the black slider remote control (GV-73) and open the slider first. The next button below the downwards arrow is the delete button. When there are no songs at all, pressing the delete button will have the “please enter the song number → confirm delete 1. Yes or 2. No” will appear on the TV screen. Just select the number, and then press Delete again to exit. Click the number of the song you just deleted again, and the deletion is completed if this song is not found.

  • What is dual screen song-selection? Can self-recordings be MPG or IGG?

    Our Company's models do not have a dual-screen song selection function, our Company does not use IGG files

  • What is the file format of Company songs? Can I download songs online?

    The Company hereby declares that downloading songs online may violate copyright law and is a personal act unrelated to the Company.

    The OSTs uses MPG files or DAT files. If the song name or song number file is set incorrectly, it may not execute properly, or the entire hard disk may brick. If this is the case, whether or not it is under warranty, it will still fall under man-made malfunction and the Company will charge a maintenance fee.

  • Sudden Shifts in Volume (refers to when switching OSTs to MIDI songs)

    First confirm whether or not OSTs were added. If they have been added, in most the cases this is due to when the program is installed, the average volume balancing was not performed, which causes a difference in volume output. Please have a song-selection personnel handle it; if you have not added a song, you can adjust the master volume to achieve balance in the system settings.

  • The volume can't be controlled by the remote?

    If you want to use our Company's RX-600 remote control to control the volume of the mainframe, you can turn on the volume control in the system settings, but the Company recommends that you keep the original settings and adjust the volume and echo via the amplifier, which has less chance of man-made damage such as distortion and noise occurring due to damaged parts.

  • Do you have to record the background of the self-recording DVD section by section?

    The background feature of the self-recording DVD is only available on some models, since the self-recording background does not require the entry of complicated procedures such as song number, song name, or singer name, the factory setting of the self-recording background is one section at a time.

  • How can I adjust the microphone sound?

    Most of our Company's models have microphone jacks, but each of our models are still primarily for song selection-based functions. Microphone connection is a secondary function. To adjust the volume, you can use the mainframe panel or use the system settings (the echo part as well). However, for better sound quality, it is recommended that you connect the microphone to the amplifier for volume, echo, or sound quality adjustments.

  • Company Information

  • Business hours?

    Company Business Hours Monday to Friday 08: 30 - 17: 30 (After-sales Service Department).

  • Can I buy the machine directly from the Company?

    Since the Company runs on an agency business system, if you want to buy the machine, please find an agent (dealer). If you do not know where to place your purchase, please call the Company for an inquiry.

  • Do they sell coin slot panels there?

    The Company's marketing is based on the agency business model, the after-sales service department and the head office will not be able to ship the coin slot panel, please ship through your agent to get the products you want.

  • Where do I buy the Visual Feast DVD?

    Provincial distributors and service centers.

  • APP Related

  • My linked model is an IR-controlled model, the linked playlist is synchronized, but I still can’t perform song selection operations on the karaoke machine.

    Please open the lower part of the WFR-01 and check whether or not the remote-control code of the SW switch corresponds to your karaoke machine model. If the above situations have been excluded but you still cannot be synchronized, you can contact our service unit to check the problem.

  • Why are my Smart E-control and the karaoke machine not synchronizing?

    Please check whether or not the handheld device is connected to the WFR-01 network, then confirm whether or not the connection between WFR-01 and the karaoke machine is correct. If IR control is used check whether or not the playlist USB is inserted into the WFR-01 and the playlist is correct. If the above situations have been excluded but you still cannot be synchronized, then something is wrong. You can contact our service unit to check the problem.

  • Why is the synchronization of my Smart E-control and the karaoke machine taking too long?

    The synchronization time will depend on the number of songs on your karaoke machine. Usually it will take a long time for the karaoke machine to synchronize for the first time. If it takes a long time to synchronize with the same karaoke machine, then something is wrong, You can contact our service unit to check the problem.

  • Can Smart E-control search for Japanese songs?

    Android systems can specify searching in Japanese in advanced options, but iOS doesn’t support searching for Japanese songs for the time being because iOS doesn’t support our Company’s factory setting for Japanese characters. Currently our Company is still working on a solution.

  • WFR-01 RJ-45 network cable connection and IR control connection, how do I determine which connection method should be used for my machine?

    You just need to confirm if your karaoke machine has an RJ-45 network port. If it has a RJ-45 PORT, it means it’s a model that uses the RJ-45 network cable connection method. If not, use the IR control connection method. Queen, Golden Dragon, Golden Dragon II, and Super T-Rex have an RJ-45 PORT but this port is exclusively for LCD screen use.

  • Are there models that can directly export playlists?

    Yes! At present, our Company's 900HD/900VHD/900VX/900VXII/900VL can use the mainframe system to directly export the playlists necessary for WFR-01. Remember! The mainframe system version must be updated to the latest version. For inquiries, please contact the Provincial Company Service Center to inquire about the method and usage. (Newer model versions that can export will continue to launch one after another.)

  • Can the GV-800 bought by my family at Eastern Home Shopping and Leisure be controlled by Smart E-control?

    Sorry! The GV-800 series and 900GO (the first generation of the 900GO series)/900VS Kiss Diamond/900VSII Kiss Diamond/900TITANIUM Titanium machine are all models that WFR-01 cannot support.

  • I connect the WFR-01 with an RJ-45 network cable to my 900Q RJ-45 network slot. I confirmed that the connection is correct but the machine cannot be synchronized with my mobile phone.

    Your 900Q Queen and 900VX Golden Dragon/900VXII Golden Dragon II/900VL Super T-Rex’s RJ-45 network sockets are used for external touch screen devices, so the above models should use WFR-01 requiring IR control.

  • I have a 900HD Chameleon model at home. Why can't the RS-232 jack be inserted? How can I power the WFR-01?

    The 900HD Chameleon and CPX-900VHD Tyrannosaurus at your house are high-end audio and video family models. RS-232 is a female connecter and is exclusively for engineering personnel, so to use WFR-01, you only need to purchase a DC 9V-12V transformer from an electronics material store and insert the WFR-01 exclusive DC JACK plug to provide power.

  • I couldn't find the so-called RS-232 slot for the 900live I bought at Tsann Kuen, what should I do if the WFR-01 runs out of power?

    Due to the channel relationship of our Company produced machines, not all machines have RS-232 slots (this slot was originally dedicated as a coin slot). You only need to purchase a DC 9V-12V transformer from an electronic material store and insert the WFR-01 exclusive DC JACK plug to provide power.

  • I have a CPX-900PRO model at home, how can I use it without an IR IN jack?

    CPX-900PRO, CPX-900M, and CPX-900SD were originally designed with IR IN adapters. Two are included with the mainframe, originally used to connect external IR receivers and song selection keyboards.

  • How do I download Smart E-control without applying for a Play Store (Android) or APP Store (iOS) account?

    Android system handheld devices can connect to and browse the Internet. Enter "Golden Voice Computer Technology Co., Ltd." and select the Company's official website, then click to enter the APP area. There are download points to download and install. We cannot provide download channels other than APP Store for IOs due to the closed nature of the system.

  • What kind of equipment does Smart E-control require to download and install? Is there any fee?

    Smart E-control is currently only supported on phones and tablets with Android and IOS (Apple) systems, there is no fee for downloading.

  • How do I upload a video as the song background of the karaoke machine?

    Press and hold the file to edit it. After entering the relevant data, press "Start Synchronization" to perform the video transfer operation to the karaoke machine. When the file is uploaded successfully, you can see the uploaded video as the background when the karaoke machine plays a MIDI song.

  • Where can I store uploaded videos?

    Enter and select "Storage Area", there are "Favorite 1/Favorite 2/Public Broadcast" to choose from.

  • What file formats are supported for adding videos?

    Added videos only supports MP4 file format.

  • How do I upload a picture as the song background of the karaoke machine?

    Press and hold the file to edit it, and check "Switch current background on the next song", then the next MIDI song will use the picture file you selected as the singing background.

  • Where can I store uploaded pictures?

    Enter and select "Storage Area", there are "Album 1-Album 9" to choose from.

  • What file formats are supported for adding images?

    Added images only supports JPG file format.

  • I want to insert the music file I just uploaded. What should I do?

    Press and hold the music file you want to insert to enter the editing mode, then check the "Insert" button directly. Press the "Back" button to return to the list of files to be synchronized, and the next song will immediately play the added music.

  • Can I edit music files after uploading them?

    After uploading the music file, press and hold the music file to enter edit mode. You can edit, delete, and cancel.

  • What file formats are supported for adding music?

    Added music only supports midi and MP4 file formats. (MP3 is not supported.)

  • When you click on the link to Smart E-control, if you choose the trial mode, what are its functions?

    Selecting the trial mode only allows you to view the preset playlist, and you cannot operate the karaoke machine.

  • Why can't I upload files while singing?

    The karaoke machine must be in a static song selection or directory screen in order to upload files.

  • How do I link the Smart E-control to the karaoke machine at home?

    First open the Wi-Fi connection. After the connection is completed, then turn on the Smart E-control, search for the link to the karaoke machine, and click the karaoke machine you want to link with to complete the karaoke machine connection.

  • How do I download Smart E-control?

    You can go to the Play Store (Android system phone) or APP Store (iOS system phone) and search for "Smart E-control", then click to download.

  • What kind of equipment do I need to download and install Smart E-control? Is there a fee?

    Smart E-control is currently only supported on Android and iOS (Apple) system phones and tablets. There is no fee for downloading.

  • What is Smart E-control?

    Smart E-control is an app for instant audio and video enjoyment, allowing you to instantly upload music, pictures, and videos from your phone to the karaoke machine.

  • How many minutes can a short clip made with dynamic background in [Customized Function] be?

    Can be made into about three minutes of dynamic video.

  • How many songs can I download?

    Through setting, the maximum number of songs that can be downloaded is 199. (Depending on your phone storage capacity.)

  • I can't see the ad text in [News].

    You can click ⊕ to zoom in.

  • How many pictures can I select when making a dynamic background with the [Customized Function]?

    Selecting pictures as dynamic background, at least two, and up to ten.

  • For the [Customized Function] video greeting, how many seconds can I film?

    You can film a 20-second short clip to transfer to the designated target’s karaoke machine and surprise the designated person.

  • The public ratings have been submitted. Can I make corrections?

    You can revise your scores and comments any time for the duration of the song.

  • What is the Public ratings function in [Linked Karaoke Machine]?

    Public ratings give singers scores and built-in comments to increase the fun of singing. There are 14 built-in reviews to choose from; the selectable score range is 0 to 100 points.

  • How can I upload and download self-recorded songs?

    First go to [Linked Karaoke Machine], click "Self-recorded Song Upload and Download", select the self-recorded song you want to upload or download, and you can playback, delete, and upload.

  • Can I send Line stickers with [Live Messenger]?

    Because it runs on a different system, [Live Messenger] can only send the built-in stickers, but you can enter any text, and the entered text and stickers will be displayed on the screen connected to the karaoke machine.

  • Why can't I use [Live Messenger] to send stickers?

    To use the [Live Messenger] function, you must be connected to the karaoke machine. Please click to link the karaoke machine. If there is no mainframe information available, please click "Search Mainframe" below to search for the mainframe.

  • Why does the friends list in [Friends Circle] have an icon to the right of some names and some do not?

    The icon on the right of the friend's name indicates that they have a management karaoke machine, and there is no icon if they do not have a management karaoke machine.

  • I want to add a friend from my phone’s contacts, but I can't find and can't invite them in the [Friends Circle].

    Friends on your phone's contacts must also have the smart e-Link APP installed to be found.

  • What is the function of [Listen to Music]?

    This feature recommends free popular video appreciation apps on the market to you. If you do not have the recommended music app installed, you will be prompted to download and install it.

  • What kind of file formats does the song library management in [Come to Sing] support?

    The song library management in [Come to Sing] only supports MP4 format.

  • What is the definition of a historical song in [Come to Sing]?

    A song you have recorded and sung will appear. When you press the right green play button, you can listen to the previously recorded file.

  • How can the total score appear for the [Come to Sing] function?

    The song must be sung for more than half its run time before the system calculates the score.

  • How can I improve the recording effect of [Come to Sing]?

    It is recommended to use an external microphone for better results.

  • How do I use the [Come to Sing] search function?

    You can choose "Song Star Song Selection" or "Song Name Song Selection" to search for songs.

  • I don’t know the model number of the karaoke machine at home. How can I look it up?

    The model number of the Company's karaoke machines are printed on the back of the machine, and have a total of 8 digits; you can also refer to the information on the warranty.

  • How many digits does a Smart e-Link password require? Can you use English or numbers?

    It must be at least 6 digits (numbers or English).

  • After setting up a registered account, the system says that the account name has been taken?

    The account you entered is already in use. Please change the account name.

  • How is the trial login different from normal login?

    As the name implies, if you use the trial version to log in, some functions will not be available. It is recommended that you complete the registration and login to gain access to all the functions.

  • What kind of equipment do I need to download and install Smart e-Link? Is there a fee?

    Smart e-Link is currently only supported on mobile phones and tablets with Android and iOS (Apple) systems. There is no fee for downloading.

  • How do I download Smart e-Link?

    You can go to the Play Store (Android phone) or APP Store (iOS phone) and search for "Smart e-Link", then click to download.

  • What is Smart e-Link?

    Smart e-Link is a multi-function instant mobile singing app that allows you to sing with your mobile phone and connect to the karaoke for file transfer; share instant text messages and stickers with friends, and send audio and video greetings with dynamic backgrounds.

  • Copyright Related

  • Who should I apply to for a public broadcast (show) license?

    Since July 1st, 2019, computer karaoke users have obtained authorization for public performance, the single rate has been charged by MUST as a single window.

    As long as you apply to MUST, you can obtain the authorization of the secondary management organization (MUST, ACMA) after payment.

    If you need to obtain a common rate authorization, you can contact MUST for authorization.

    Contact Channel: Miss Lai Tel: 02-25110869 # 290; Miss Chang Tel: 02-25110869 # 265.

    There are currently two collective music management organization in Taiwan, respectively:

    1. Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (MUST)
      4F, No. 71, Section 2, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104
      Phone: (02) 2511-0869
      Fax: (02) 2511-0759
    2. Asia-Pacific Collective Music Management Association (ACMA)
      7th Floor -5, No. 171, Songde Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
      Phone: (02) 2726-0289
      Fax: (02) 2726-0329

  • Why are there no foreign language songs (Japanese, English...)?

    Due to Taiwan’s accession to the WTO, foreign language songs need to sign an authorized copyright with a foreign record company. If the user has a favorite foreign language song, he can provide the Company with the song details so that the Company can use it as reference when purchasing songs in the future.

  • What happens if there is no office broadcast (acting) license?

    If the song that the user wants to use in public or for profit is managed by the collective management group and has not been authorized, the collective management group can bring civil and criminal proceedings; but if the user has already applied to the collective management group, the property rights owner that is not part of the collective management group can only request the user to pay a fee, and cannot file a criminal notice.

  • Why do I need to apply for a public broadcast certificate? When should I apply for it?

    When the machines leave the factory, the Company has the built-in songs legally authorized to be reproduced, but if the user wants to use them in public places or for profit, they need to obtain authorization for public performances and public broadcasts.

    At present, the rights to public broadcast, public performance, and public transmission of most music works are mostly managed by collective management organizations.

  • Why can't I use illegal songs?

    Each song is the intellectual creation of its author. The user should respect the intellectual property rights and use legally authorized songs. If illegal songs are used, the property owner can bring civil and criminal proceedings.

  • Are the songs on the machine legal

    In the song book contained in the machine’s packaging, there will be a copyright guarantee on the first page to ensure that the songs built into the original machine are legally authorized.

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